Yes, make sure you are properly insured, that you have a suitable                                    mortgage or loan, but do not pay too much for it.


           Our solutions for your income in the event of disability are unique.


           Our experts will help you.


           In this way, you can take care of your carefree future together with us.



           Your personal financial advisor


Finadrome stands for personal contact, time for each other and clarity.

We don't know small print and we always look for the best solution for you.


The necessity of insurance is not an issue. But you don't have to insure too much or pay too much.

Finadrome helps.

Personal loans

Sometimes you just have to borrow some money.
But you certainly don't want to repay too much and for too long.

Finadrome helps.

Savings Advice

Who wouldn't want to have money left over at the end of the month?
And saving doesn't have to hurt.

Finadrome helps.


Hardly anyone buys a house without a mortgage.
But you want an affordable and suitable mortgage.

Finadrome helps.

Looking for financial security and peace of mind?


Finadrome's financial advisors are happy to help
And our rates are very competitive.


Do you want to know what our service costs? Select the DVD in the menu.

Unfortunately, these documents are only available in Dutch.


Finadrome is a small company with time for its customers and for ourselves.

Stress is an unknown feeling to our customers and ourselves.
And we like to keep it that way.

Borrowing money, costs money. Ask us about your options and do not take too big a risk

Not all wishes match your income. Our advisors help map out your wishes and options.

You now think that it is all possible, but what if you get sick or get married or divorced ...


We are happy to help you with a loan or mortgage, but not at any cost.

Or an affordable insurance
or rather serious savings?

Looking for a morgage?

security and peace of mind